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Health effects of Green Tea [Copy URL]

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Green tea in China known as the "national drink". Modern science and extensive research confirmed that the tea does contain biochemical substances closely related to human health, tea is not only refreshing and pure heart, Qingre, digestion phlegm to tired weight loss, pure heart Chufan detoxification hangover, thirst, Jiang Huo Ming head, Zhili, dehumidification, and other pharmacological effects, but also the modern diseases, such as radiation sickness, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other diseases, the pharmacological effect. The main component of tea has pharmacological effects of polyphenols, caffeine, lipopolysaccharide, Theanine. The specific role:

May help to slow aging, tea polyphenols have strong antioxidant activity and physiological activity, free radical scavenger. According to the relevant departments to prove that 1 mg of polyphenols to clear excess free radicals harmful to human body performance equivalent to 9 micrograms of superoxide dismutase (SOD), significantly higher than other similar substances. Tea polyphenols have blocked lipid peroxidation, scavenging activity of enzyme. According to Okuda, Japan Extension the Yong test results confirmed that the polyphenols of anti-aging effects than vitamin E Strong 18 times.
Inhibition of cardiovascular disease
Help to curb cardiovascular disease of tea polyphenols on human fat metabolism plays an important role. The body's cholesterol, triglycerides, high levels of vascular wall fat deposition, vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and the formation of atheroma plaques and other cardiovascular diseases. Tea polyphenols, especially tea polyphenols catechins ECG and EGC and its oxidation product of theaflavin and other help to make this porphyritic proliferation was inhibited, the formation of fibrinogen reduce the hemagglutination viscosity enhancement, coagulation clear, thus inhibiting atherosclerosis.

Contribute to prevention and anti-cancer polyphenols can block the Asian ammonium nitrate and other carcinogenic substances synthesized in the body, and has direct anti-cancer and improve the effectiveness of the body immunity. According to statistics, tea polyphenols (Catechins), gastric cancer, colon cancer, cancer prevention and adjuvant therapy will benefit both.

Contribute to the prevention and treatment of radiation injuries tea polyphenols and their oxidation products has the ability to absorb radioactive material strontium 90 and cobalt-60 poisoned. Of the medical department of clinical trials confirmed the mild radiation sickness caused by the cancer patients in the radiotherapy process, treatment with tea extract, the efficiency up to 90%; pancytopenia, the effective rate of the tea extract treatment 81.7%; better treatment effect on radiation-radiation-induced leukopenia.

Resistance to virus strains
Contribute to the suppression and resistance to virus strains polyphenols have strong convergence, significantly inhibit and kill pathogens, viruses have a demonstrable effect on the anti - inflammatory diarrhea. China has a lot of medical units tea preparations for treatment of acute and chronic dysentery, amoebic dysentery, influenza, and a cure rate of about 90%.

Help skin care tea polyphenols are water-soluble substances, and use it to wash your face to remove oily face, astringent, disinfection, sterilization, anti-aging skin, reduce the damage of UV radiation in sunlight on the skin and other effects.

Refreshing refreshing
Help in refreshing refreshing tea caffeine can induce the human central nervous excitement.
Enhance the excitement of the cerebral cortex, play a refreshing benefit thinking, the pure in heart effects.

Diuretic recover from fatigue
Help diuretic to relieve fatigue, caffeine in tea can stimulate the kidneys to promote urine excreted quickly, the kidneys filter out rate, reduce the retention time of the harmful substances in the kidney. Caffeine can also exclude the excess lactic acid in the urine, and helps make the body as soon as possible to eliminate fatigue.

Lipid-lowering aid digestion
Contribute to lipid-lowering help digest the efficacy of the Tang Dynasty "Herbal Supplements" tea "for a long time the records of the food is thin. China's border and minority said "no day without tea". Tea to help digestion and reduce fat efficacy, with today's fashion language that is conducive to "lose weight". This is due to the caffeine in tea can enhance the secretion of gastric juice can help digestion, and enhance their ability to break down fat. The so-called "long food is thin" truth here. Picked green tea

Relieve fatigue
Green tea contains potent antioxidants and vitamin C, can not only remove free radicals, but also secrete the hormone to combat stress and tension. A small amount of caffeine contained in green tea can stimulate the central nervous system, boost morale. Precisely because of this, we recommend drinking green tea in the morning, so as not to affect sleep.

Oral health eyesight
Help higher amount of fluoride in oral health eyesight tea fluoride per 100 g dry tea 10 mg - 15 mg, 80% water-soluble ingredients. Per person per day to drink tea 10 grams, you can absorb water-soluble fluoride 1 mg - 1.5 mg, and tea is alkaline beverage, can inhibit the body of calcium reduction on the prevention of dental caries, oral health, the teeth are is beneficial. According to the data in the primary school students the test after drinking tea therapy mouthwash, dental caries can reduce the rate of 80%. According to the survey of the relevant medical units, in cataract patients accounted for 28.6 percent of tea drinking habits; tea drinking habits accounted for 71.4%. This is because vitamin C and other ingredients in the tea can reduce the turbidity of the eye lens that regular tea drinking to reduce diseases of the eye, the Eye have a positive role.

Effectively reduce the three high
In recent years, studies have shown that green tea can help improve digestion, such as acute diarrhea caused by bacteria that drinking green tea can reduce the condition. Green tea weight loss effect, regular contact with the paint, computers and other groups to drink green tea; like smoking and drinking can drink green tea. For the elderly is concerned, if you are a true aficionado, it is best to use cold-brewing tea, cool white open tea, so drop the "three high". Green tea can not drink empty stomach, otherwise it will "tea drunk"; cold, bad stomach are advised not to drink green tea.

Green tea has become the most popular health products. In particular, some advertising overwhelming rendering effects as well as a variety of green tea as the main component related to beauty health care products of another, and make some green tea as the best choice of skin care and healthy. In this regard, experts have warned that the majority of female consumers, not blindly follow fashion trends, green tea itself as a health care products, without any health damage, but if various businesses and other raw materials to products made of its use , in relation to pay attention to some of the details.

Green tea skin care products good effect, the limited validity

Although the effect of green tea skin care products, but also in the choice of such products should be some caveats. From green tea skin care cosmetic effect is mainly one of the substances known as polyphenols, this substance has antioxidant effects, vitamin B, E and so on with, can play a role as add moisture to the skin is tight. Should be noted that tea polyphenols as phenolic compounds or their derivatives, the general term, in the air is very likely to be volatile, and the loss of its antioxidant effects, so this kind of skin care products, especially the mask to the new tea products best.

Drinking green tea weight loss and disease prevention, but careful menstrual drink

Green tea contains caffeine and polyphenols coexist, can stop the caffeine effect in the stomach, avoid stimulate gastric acid secretion, the drawbacks of caffeine is not the body to play, but the promotion of central nervous system, heart and liver function. Moreover, the aromatic compounds in green tea can dissolve fat to prevent fat stagnation of the body, caffeine can promote the secretion of gastric juice to help digestion and Cellulite. Women during the menstrual period is best not to drink more. Research that, in addition to the body's normal iron loss, women with each menstrual period but also an additional loss of 18 The 21 mg of iron. Drink green tea during menstruation, more tannic acid composition of green tea, will be of iron in food molecules combine to form a large number of precipitates impede the absorption of the intestinal mucosa of iron molecules, and, more concentrated green tea on iron hinder the greater absorption

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