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What is Benefits of drinking black tea? [Copy URL]

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1refreshing and removing fatigue

The medical experiments found, the caffeine in black tea by stimulation of the cerebral cortex to the excited nerve center, bring refreshing, thinking focus, and the more sensitive reaction to thinking, enhance memory; it is also on the vascular system and heart with excitement, aggrandizement stroke, thereby accelerating the blood circulation for the benefit of the new supersedes the old., while promoting diaphoresis and diuresis work along both lines, which accelerates the excretion of lactate ( the muscle fatigue of material) and other old waste material in vivo, to eliminate fatigue effect.

The 2fluid and heat

Summer drink black tea can quench thirst Xiaoshu, because the tea polyphenols, amino acids, carbohydrates, such as pectin and saliva produce a chemical reaction, and stimulate the secretion of saliva, oral lead feel moisture, and generates a cool feeling; at the same time caffeine control hypothalamus temperature center, temperature regulation, it also stimulates the kidney to promote heat and dirt excretion, to maintain the body's physiological balance.


In the caffeine in black tea and aromatic substances under joint action, increased renal blood flow, increased glomerular filtration rate, dilation of the renal microvasculature, and inhibition of renal tubule in water reabsorption, and contributed to an increase in urine output. So favorable to rid the body of lactic acid, uric acid ( associated with gout ), excessive salt ( associated with hypertension ), harmful substance, and ease of heart disease or glomerulonephritis caused by edema.

The 4sterilization

Black tea polyphenols compounds have anti-inflammatory effects, and then through the experiment discovered, catechins can be combined with single-cell bacteria, the protein coagulation precipitation, to suppress and eliminate pathogens. Therefore, bacillary dysentery and food poisoning patients to drink black tea is quite useful, folk also used tea coated wound, bedsore and athlete's foot.

5 detoxification

According to experimental results show, more than black tea in the tea soda can absorb heavy metals and alkaloids, and sediment decomposition, the drinking water and food by industrial pollution of modern people, is nothing more than a gospel.

6strong bones

American Medical Association published in May 13, 2002of497 males,540 females10 years of investigation, pointed out that the consumption of black tea were strong bones, black tea polyphenols ( green tea also has ) inhibit the destruction of the vitality of bone cell materials. In order to prevent female common osteoporosis, recommended daily doses of a cup of tea, hold to several years effect is obvious. Like a cup of black tea with lemon, strong bones, the effect was stronger, in black tea can also be coupled with a variety of fruits, can have synergistic effects.

7antioxidant, anti-aging

In the past 5 years, the United States government has funded more than 150on the green tea and black tea and its chemical composition study, the results show that, green tea and black tea antioxidants in cancer cells can be completely destroyed in the path of the spread of chemical substances. At the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Director of vascular epidemiology ink? Dr. Mittelman said:" the efficacy of roughly equivalent of black tea and green tea, but tea antioxidants than green tea is much more complicated, especially for the heart is even more useful". The United States magazine, black tea anti-aging effect is stronger in garlic, broccoli and carrots.

8stomach nourishing and protecting

People didn't eat when drinking green tea may feel stomach discomfort, this is because tea contains important matter of tea polyphenols with convergence, the stomach has a certain stimulus, in the fasting in the absence of a stimulus is stronger. While black tea is not the same. It is fermented baked, tea polyphenol oxidase role in the enzymatic oxidation reactions occur, content decreases, the stomach irritation was reduced. Tea is not only not to hurt the stomach, but to stomach. Often drink with sugar, milk tea, can diminish inflammation, protect the gastric mucosa, also have some effect on the treatment of ulcerative. Tea tea

9 anticancer

About the tea with anticancer function is very popular all over the world, researchers have done many exploration, but it is generally believed that the tea anti-cancer effects mainly in green tea, but now had new progress. Study found that black tea, with tea, also has a strong anti-cancer effect.

10diastolic blood vessels

The United States medical circles recently also has a research and relating to black tea. Study found that, in patients with heart disease drinking 4 cups of tea a day, vascular relaxation degree can be increased from 6% to10%. People in the affected by stimulus, then Zhang Du will increase13% shu.

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