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Strict and exotic Chinese tea customs [Copy URL]

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Strict and exotic Chinese tea customs

China is the homeland of tea, has a long history of tea, but also has a strict offer tea etiquette, as well as exotic tea drinking customs.
  China's tea, from the Shen Nong's era began, the less there for 4,700 years. The tea ceremony affinity existed since ancient times. Tourists to offer tea ", which is China's Han Chinese, the first Emotion traditional virtues of hospitality and courtesy. Until now, guests to the house, always want to brew a cup of tea. Festive activities, like to use a light refreshment. Open a tea party, both simple and economic, but also elegant and dignified. The so-called "civil," and also refers to the pleasant fragrance of tea.
  Han Chinese in China, there are all kinds of tea on behalf of ceremony customs. Southern Song capital of Hangzhou, during the beginning of summer, and everyone all cooking new tea, and with colored fine fruit, to feed adjacent to the relatives and friends, called the "seven tea. This custom is in the cup to put two "fruit" olive or kumquat, said that the meaning of the Chinese New Year good luck.
  Tea ceremony or a grand ancient China wedding etiquette. Ming Xu ease in the "tea sparse test this, said:" tea root of this plant will be the child born. Ancient marriage knowledge, that the tea for tea only from seed germination adult, can not be transplanted, otherwise it will wither , so the tea as a symbol of an Emotion inalienable, so civil men and women engaged in tea ceremony, the woman accepts the man dowry, called "tea" or "tea set", and some called the "tea." and an eat two tea "proverb. the same time, also the whole marriage ritual referred to as the" three tea Six Man "and" tea "," tea "in the engagement, marriage given tea the same room together tea. "tea" and "male tea female wine", that is, engagement, groom in addition to send wishful pressure post to Loopback few cylinder Shaoxing wine. wedding, but also third Road tea ceremony. three tea, the first cup of mince, the second cup of the lotus, scilloides; third cup party tea, eat, then the cup in both hands the deep Zuo Yi, and then to the lips touch by their families to take away the second the third, Zuo Yi before drinking. This is the most respected etiquette. these fan vulgar, of course not, but the rites of the wedding and offer tea, still used in learning.
The serving of tea by the hostess for the guests tea offering guests tea, but also by other family members or the specially appointed reception staff. If the guest is less, then stepped forward, hands the cup together, together with the cup holder and handed guests, or on the coffee table on its side, followed by to say a "please" can be. Pay particular attention to use special tea spoon to put the tea cup or teapot, not directly strike "grab". So neither of Health, will put themselves all kinds of odor, such as sweat, perfume, the fragrance of the tea odor. On tea specific steps: first tea tray on the coffee table or spare table, right hand, his left hand attached to the cup and near the cup holder, cup handed to the right rear of the guests. Cup in place, the ear cups to be outward, every cup of tea, pour cups 2/3 is appropriate, "light tea full of wine", and offer tea should be hands Lift on the guest's right hand above the first King of elders who . If more guests, shall be in accordance with the ritual order, based on the first guests, after the master; first guest of honor, after Bin; first Ms. men in order of tea. If more guests, and not very different, can the door as a starting point, turn clockwise for the top of the tea. The tea should entertain many guests outside in the living room in advance ready by then loaded tea tray into the living room. Tea for the guests, the finger is not allowed to ride in the edge of the cup, but can not be sloppy with the cup hit the guests body, or placed easily be knocked over.

A tea continued to be enthusiastic, water. The guests were seated, should be on the tea. He drank the tea, the guests also whom continued. Must not do a cup full of want to overflow.
Let the tea should try to be casual and natural. China's old pay attention to three cups of tea, hospitality, however. A cup, saying the offer tea, cup, saying continued tea, three cups said a visitor tea. I again and again and again to advising people to drink tea, it means that remind guests "should go". Especially when the tea in honor of the elderly or overseas Chinese, not to inadvertently offend others.
Hospitality a long time, after tea, in the same order for each guest a dish of confectionery, a market can also be a few people. Serve the tea.

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