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How to evaluate Green Tea [Copy URL]

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How to evaluation Green Tea

The fine green tea processing divided into Chaoqing type, half a roasted and Hongqing three categories. Their review methods review of the five factors, namely Assessors, shape, liquor color, aroma, taste and Securinega. Review procedure: Weigh 3g tea 150ml cup of boiling water, brew for 3-5 minutes and watch the soup, smells, taste the taste, look at the bottom of leaves. Stem from appearance, quality within the wetland ratings and reviews plus score and give reviews and decided grade, and then scoring in the quasi-points, according to a factor of the quality level of plus or minus 1-4 points. If the assessment of tea only demerit points to note reviews the minutes after the controversial, such as the quality will be no data are available. Common quality factor of the weights is the appearance of 40% or 30%, the soup is 10%, the aroma of 20% or 25%, the taste of 20% or 25%, the bottom 10% percentile score, and then weight to calculate the score.

Sensory evaluation, due to the various regions to choose different varieties of planting tea, made of the quality of tea is different. Mao Feng tea, such as the production of in lobular kinds of regions, the appearance of fine and tight, Velvet cents disclosure, significant bud Feng, liquor color bright, lofty aroma, the taste of alcohol cool verdant bright Securinega; produced by large-leafed region, looks fat. revealed cents sharp, hair, color compared to yellow or dark green flavor than the thick, the bottom of juicy exposed buds. The proportion of green tea class, product, different shape, style, and so the review is more complicated.

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