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General Knowledge of Green tea [Copy URL]

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Green tea is to take the tea leaves without fermentation, by fixing, rub tighten, dry typical process, the color of its products, the tea after brewing to save more green melody of fresh tea. Regular tea drinking can prevent cancer and lowering blood pressure, prevent computer radiation. Smokers reduce nicotine damage.

Green tea as the main tea in China, the national annual output of 100,000 tons of tea production among the six early tea. Production of green tea in China is extremely broad, Jiangxi, Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Hunan, Hubei, Guangxi, Fujian, China's main green tea producing provinces.
Green tea, also known as non-fermented tea. Suitable for tea plants as raw material, made by fixing, rolling, drying and other typical process of tea. The color of dry tea and tea after brewing, the bottom of the main tune in green, hence the name. Green tea is fresh leaves will be picked to the first crank up to high temperatures to kill a variety of oxidase, to keep the tea green, then made by rolling, drying, broth, green leaves is a common characteristic of the quality of green tea. Green tea is unfermented, Chinese production up, drinking the most widely used as a tea. It is characterized by Tang Qing Ye green, nutritious, and can prevent the disease.

From the written history, green tea originated in Pakistan (now northern Sichuan, southern Shaanxi area). According to the "Huayang - Pakistan," recorded when Zhou King Wu, Pakistani human reward the army of King Wu of Zhou had "tea offering. "Huayang messenger, can be identified: no later than the Western Zhou Dynasty, the Palestinians in the southern Shaanxi (present Hanzhong, Ankang area) had the artificial cultivation of tea in the garden. Therefore, the history of the Palestinian people tea can be traced back 3,000 years ago is an indisputable fact.

According to rumors, green tea originated in Hubei Province, Chibi. According to legend, the Yuan Dynasty, Zhu Hongwu led a peasant uprising, the farmers of Yangloudong army went to the new (Xinjiang) and Mongolia (ancient) border town. They see someone after a meal abdominal pain, and put to bring in the army Puqi green tea to take to the sick. After the service, patients have recovered. It was Zhu Hongwu, that he recorded in the heart. When the emperor, Zhu Hongwu and a prime minister, Liu Ji, to Puqi find hermit Liutian De, a Qiayu such tea Liutian De eldest son of Liu Xuan. Liu Xuan an emperor Zhu Ciming. Zhu Hongwu see green tea, the shape of pine peak aroma and taste, then given names "Pine Peak tea, in turn with the mountains of tea, named Song Fengshan. Hongwu 24 years (1391), Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang Chang Yin Yang House Songfeng tea habit was finalized - except for: "stop making the Dragon Mission, the only tea-picking buds to feed." As a result, Liu Xuan, became the best in the world green tea, the emperor became the best in the world to promote green tea, Yangloudong world first green tea.

Processing of green tea, simply divided into fixation, rolling and drying three steps, where the key is the first process of the initial system, ie fixing. The fresh leaves by the fixation, the passivation of the activity of enzymes, containing the chemical composition is basically in the conditions of Enzymes by the thermal effect of physical and chemical changes, thus forming a green tea's quality characteristics.

Crank up
Crank up the quality of green tea plays a decisive role. Destruction by high temperature, the characteristics of the enzyme in the fresh leaves to stop the polyphenols oxidation to prevent the leaves of red variable; evaporation part of the water within the leaves, so that the leaves become soft, to create the conditions for the rolled form. With the evaporation of water, the fresh leaves, grass gas of low boiling point aromatic substances volatile disappear, so that the tea aroma to be improved.
In addition to the specialty teas, the process of fixing machine. Factors affecting the fixation quality fixing temperature, amount of investment and leaves, the type of fixation machine, time, fixation methods. They are a whole, interrelated constraints.

Rolled green tea to shape the appearance of a process. Through the use of external force, so that leaves rubbing broken lighter, converted to volume shrinkage, and easy to brew. Crowded part of the tea overflow attached to the leaf surface also plays an important role to improve the concentration of tea taste. Rolling process of the system of green tea, cold rub rub with the heat of the points. The so-called cold rub, fixing leaf rolled after share cool; heat rub is fixing leaves do not spread cool while hot rolled. Leaves should be cold rub the bottom of leaves to keep Huanglv Ming Leung of soup in the verdant, old leaves should be hot rub in order to facilitate the cable tight knot, reducing Unqualified.
At present, in addition to the tea is still by hand, the bulk of green tea rolled operations mechanization.

The purpose of drying, evaporation of water, and organize shape, give full play to tea.

Drying methods, drying, fried dry and dried in three forms. The drying process of green tea, usually the first after drying, and then fried dry. Rolled after tea, the water content is still very high, direct stem speculation, the soon to form clumps in the machine's pan fried dried tea easy to bond to the pot wall. Therefore, the tea before drying, to reduce the water content to comply with the requirements of the Guochao.

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