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The Origin of Huo Shan Huang - Yellow Tea [Copy URL]

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The Origin of Huo Shan Huang - Yellow Tea

Huo Shan Mountains is in Anhui Province, western Dabie Mountains, connecting and Yue Anhui border, the main peak of the White Horse a sharp elevation of 1774 meters. County in the name of the mountain, Huoshan County Neixi Nan, the Dabie Mountains and the Huo Shan Mountains from southwest to northeast through the whole territory lying South High North. Southwest-northeast direction Huoshan and northwest - southeast direction of the Dabie Mountains was a violent turn, Xi said, "Huo Shan arc. "Huoshan arc the foziling Reservoir East Pi River upstream of the main producing areas of the Huo Shan Huang Ya.
The "the Huoshan arc along Huoshan County, northwest, west, south and southeast border of mountains connected to a barrier to the formation of the periphery than in the central hinterland, only foziling around the dam in a narrow canyon outlet. Huoshan arc within more than 800 meters above sea level in mountainous areas, high mountains, steep slopes, deep valleys, cold winter, rare tea. Offshoot of 400 to 800 meters above sea level, mountain shoulder, the ecological environment should be tea, high-grade Huo Shan Huang Ya is produced in this area. East Pi River valley basin of low hills, slope sediments, the residual material is thick, fertile land, there foziling, Mozitan reservoir regulation of climate, Huo Shan Huang Ya (also the Huoshan tea) producing areas. Huoshan County across latitude 31 degrees -31 degrees 31 minutes east longitude 115 degrees -116 degrees 55 minutes 43 minutes. Northern subtropical humid monsoon climate zone, with four distinct seasons, hot and cold moderate, regional differences and vertical changes.
The annual temperature average temperature of 15.1 ? in July the average temperature of 27.87 and shares of

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