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How to brewing Silver Needle(Jun Shan Yin Zhen) [Copy URL]

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Silver Needle is a special yellow tea, fragrance, alcohol taste, has all the features of the tea, but it is more attention to the ornamental, so brewing techniques and procedures is critical.
The water used in brewing Silver Needle clear spring is better, the tea is best to use a transparent glass, and glass for the cover. Cup height of 10-15 cm, 4-6 cm in diameter cup per cup of tea with the amount of 3 g, the specific brewing process is as follows:
  Silver Needle water preheat cup, clean tea, and dry the cup to avoid bud absorbent and should not be erected. Gently remove from the total pot with a teaspoon of about 3 grams of Silver Needle into the cup until the bubble. Kettle of boiling water about 70 degrees to slow down after into Sheng tea cup to 1/2, so that the bud soaked. Later on, pushed it to Qi Bafen full so far. After about 5 minutes, remove the glass cover. Silver Needle by brewing, you can see the bud gradually erect, up and down the ups and downs, and crystal bubble in the bud tip. Silver Needle is a scenery-based specialty tea, pay attention to enjoying the tea, in tea to enjoy. Just brewed Silver Needle is lying on the surface, coupled with glass cover, Chaya absorbent sink, bubbles bud tip, like Buxus with beads, like bamboo shoots unearthed. Then sank to the bottom of the cup upright bud in the buoyancy of the bubbles, once again buoyant, and so up and down the ups and downs, is really fantastic. When Kai open the glass cover films, there will be a wisp of white mist rising from the cup, and then slowly disappear. Reward tea Duanbei smell the incense, smells can drink.

Making the initial bud tip facing up, and pedicle head drooping and suspended in the water, then slowly descended, erected in the bottom of the cup, suddenly rose suddenly drop, spectacular, "three ups and downs," said. The last vertical sinking to the bottom of the cup, such as knives and guns everywhere, like group shoots a ground-breaking heap Green Emerald is your favorite. The reason is very simple, but the light floating, heavy Shen. "Ups and downs," Chaya water swelling and weight increase are not synchronized, the bud proportion of instantaneous changes caused. The outermost layer of the bud meat absorbent, the proportion increases to the bottom, then bud volume expansion, the proportion of smaller rise, continue to water absorption is also decreased, and so forth, l undone Shen, Shen undone l. Such phenomena, other Yatou fat tea also appear, but less frequent Silver Needle.
The Silver Needle (yellow tea) is a special tea, as tea, fragrance, alcohol taste, with all the features of the tea. However, tea's point of view, this is a special focusing on ornamental tea, with special emphasis on tea brewing techniques and procedures.
Making Silver Needle, the water in order to clear the spring is better, the tea is preferable to a transparent glass, cup height of 10 to 15 cm, cup diameter of 4 to 6 cm. Per cup of tea with the amount of 3 g, too much too little is not conducive to the attitude shaped the landscape to enjoy the tea. Making procedures are as follows:
(1) reward tea
Teaspoon intake of a small amount of Silver Needle, placed the clean tours tea tray, for guests to view.
(2) Ware
Preheat cup, clean tea with boiling water, and dry the cup drops of water to avoid the bud water absorption and reduce the bud the erection.
(3) set tea
Gently removed from the caddy in with a teaspoon of about 3 grams of Silver Needle into the cup until the bubble.
(4) high red
Kettle of boiling water about 70 ?, the use of water momentum and slow down after into the cup to 1/2, so that the bud soaked. Later, and then rushed to the the Qi Bafen cup until full. Chaya uniform absorbent, accelerated sinking, when available glass cover on the cup, after five minutes, remove the glass cover. The role of water and heat, the shape of tea posture, Chaya's ups and downs, bubbles, etc., are other tea rare, this is the unique atmosphere of the Silver Needle tea.
(5) Please tea
After making about 10 minutes, you can start tasting. Then his hands Duanbei, politely offering to the guests.

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