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The efficacy of tea [Copy URL]

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British scientists study found that, every day drinks two cups of green tea, eat an orange, can help the computer race against the computer radiation. For computer" be together morning and night" of the people, the radiation is a worrying" by-products". Even though the day painted cream, eat a lot of antioxidants, coupled with the display screen cover, many people still feel not at ease. However, British scientists study found that, every day drinks two cups of green tea, eat an orange, can help people resist the computer radiation is commonly used in computer.

Along with the computer into office, people have to pay attention to computer in the office environment pollution and health impact on users. Computer radiation can prevent the body's synthesis of an enzyme, the enzyme can damage brain cells to pass information of media material. The computer used in addition to inevitably exposed to electromagnetic radiation, the computer screen, the flashing of the eyes also have a strong stimulating effect, make people shed tears, vision loss, dizziness and other symptoms.

The previous scientific investigation discovery, have the habit of drinking tea in person, by radiation injury to the lesser, blood disease incidence rate is low, the radiation caused by lower mortality rate. Tea contains radiation shielding material, to human hematopoietic function has obvious protection effect, can reduce the harm of computer radiation. In addition, the tea is rich in vitamin A, but also make the eyes in the dark light to see things more clearly, can prevent night blindness associated with dry eye. And the oranges contain antioxidants, can enhance human immunity, inhibit tumor growth, antioxidant content ranks first all citrus fruits. At the same time orange containing high levels of vitamin A and carotene, can protect the skin often use computer.

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