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Long Jing - Green Tea


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Date Added: 10/23/2013 by Michael
I live in England. The tea arrived quickly within a few days of the order. I don't really know much ...

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Date Added: 11/04/2014 by Sergio
This is a pleasant, smooth Chinese Green. Notes of Asparagus and succulent greens. The leaf is large...

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Date Added: 01/25/2015 by Erik
Nice a bit more mature leaves. Gives a stronger more robust taste than for example LJ. I like it a l...

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Date Added: 02/08/2013 by Susany
excellent delivery time. and the tea smell and taste like some good weed lol.

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Date Added: 07/23/2013 by Susany
Very good tea but it did not raise at the level of my expectations.

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Date Added: 05/12/2013 by John
This is a good green tea, but I find it finicky to brew. I had one cup with a wonderful lasting flav...

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Date Added: 01/01/2014 by Lissa
Another good year of tasty Long Jing although lacking the aftertaste which was stronger in last year...

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Date Added: 09/28/2012 by JT
Lovely Long Jing that is refreshingly creamy and smooth. No edges or bitterness to the tea at all. A...

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Date Added: 08/23/2013 by Fan
This is a good tea. The aroma is nutty and earthy, but very good. the taste is lighter and refreshin...

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Date Added: 10/03/2013 by Annemarie
This is a nice longjing. Refreshing and honey aroma, and tastes like chestnuts, but it is too light ...

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