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Feng Huang Dan Cong - Oolong Tea


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Date Added: 05/10/2014 by Jenni
I really like all the Dan Congs, but I think I liked this one the most (which isnt saying a whole lo...

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Date Added: 12/30/2013 by Adrian
I'm not sure what to think about this tea, so I will focus on the description given on this site for...

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Date Added: 04/21/2014 by Adrian
I had placed an order for Feng Huang Dan Cong, but by mistake ChineseTeaArt sent me a package of Son...

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Date Added: 08/25/2014 by George
Excellent, Excellent! This latest batch of Fung Huang DC comes with a different lot number, yet reta...

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Date Added: 05/29/2014 by George
Very good tea for the price. After 3+ infusions, it still tastes excellent. Peachy taste, will defin...

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Date Added: 03/15/2014 by George
This is the 4th time I have bought Feng Huang, my favourite Dan Cong Oolong. I was a little disappoi...

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Date Added: 10/16/2014 by Wesley
Nice tea for the price. But not extraordinary flavour. Maybe its because i tried Tie Guan Yin first....

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Date Added: 03/05/2015 by Jackie
A bit difficult to get the best out of this one, but when I'm successful, it has a very nice peachy ...

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Date Added: 05/30/2014 by Christopher
Wow and again wow! I did not expect this. The first time I tried FenHuang. What a beautiful aroma an...

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Date Added: 11/09/2013 by manuel
A really nice aroma, reminiscent of osmanthus flower. Almost fruity but not too. And very good value...

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Date Added: 04/03/2014 by Chip
Fast delivery this time.Excellent tea with a slight peachy aroma. Highly recommended!!!

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Date Added: 04/09/2014 by Chip
On hot day, I cold brew it and found it satisfying rather than satisfactory as a rating which often ...

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