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An Ji Bai Cha - Green Tea

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One of the best cups of tea I've enjoyed in a long long time! Too bad I'm developing a taste for one of the more expensive teas offered... Nevertheless, this tea was everything I imagined it would be when I first ordered it. I received the smallest amount I could buy, figuring to sample it a bit and move one; but within a couple of sips I was completely entranced by the experience! I will most definitely purchase much more of this one. It has an entirely civilized effect on the palate and leaves a clean and refreshing aftertaste. If I were endeavoring to introduce someone to the new experience of exotic Chinese teas, this would be probably rank as my first choice; it is sufficiently different from your basic Chinese restaurant experience to demonstrate why someone would pay more for an ounce of tea than for a complete dinner for two PLUS tea at most eateries. Almost anyone would get (ie., taste) the point. (I steeped a small amount in a glass French press and made about a cup using hot but not boiling water.)
Date Added: 06/05/2014 by Adrian
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