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Te Ji Organic Da Hong Pao - Oolong Tea

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Tea leaves are similar to those displayed in the product picture and have an enjoyable coffee/walnut oil scent. Soup is amber/orange/brown with just enough particle density that I cant say it is "clear." Unlike some other reviewers (different batch, brewing method, or something?), the scent speaks to me more strongly of a rich walnut oil with crisp peppery top notes. The full body does hint, as described, of coffee. I detect more of a peppery than floral finish with very little astringency. As a fan of teas with similar body and spicy characteristics, I think this is the first Oolong that I may end up drinking on a regular basis (I sometimes enjoy the occasional, sweeter Tie Guan Yin).
Date Added: 10/08/2014 by moon
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